Prehistoric Dartmoor Walks, walking the Stone Rows and Stone Circles of Dartmoor
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Dartmoor Resource: Table of Dartmoor Stone Rows

Table of Dartmoor Stone Rows

Hurston Ridge Stone Row

Photo: Hurston Ridge Stone Row

The table below lists the 90 stone rows included in the Prehistoric Dartmoor Walks database. For convenience of comparison with Worth's list of rows [Worth pp.202-47] the table is ordered by the "Worth" number as later extended in Emmett's paper on stone rows. It should be noted that 5 of Worth's rows are either doubtful or are no longer in existence and for this reason are not included. The numbers after 71 are arbitrary.

Click on the table headers to get listings ordered by # (Worth Number), Site Name, Short Name, OS number, DPD (Discover Prehistoric Dartmoor) page number or SRGB link. Clicking on the site name will open a site page with a large photo where one is available. Clicking on OS links will list nearby sites and clicking on the NMR, HER, Megalithic Portal number will open the relevant record in a new window. The last link is to coverage in the Stone Rows (of GB) website.

The SRGB includes some additional rows assigned with Worth number 91-99. These are more dubious and/or fragmentary examples and were added to the database in June 2017 so listings match those on the Stone Rows of Great Britain (SRGB) webiste.

For a more detailed discussion and a listing including photos and notes see the main page on stone rows.

#Site NameShort NameOSDPDHERMegalithic
Stone Rows of GB
1Stall Moor (Upper Erme)SR Stall MoorSX 63663 6779671MDV43091464Upper Erme
2Butterdon HillSR ButterdonSX 65629 5881477MDV2988556Butterdon Hill
3Burford DownSR Burford DnSX 63695 6016570MDV43331463Burford Down
4Brown Heath (Hook Lake)SR Hook LakeSX 64112 6531874MDV51361788Hook Lake
5Spurrell's CrossSR Spurrells XSX 65846 5985678MDV28902137Spurrells Cross
6Glasscombe Ball N.SR GlassBall NSX 65733 6042978MDV56591952Glasscombe Ball North
7StalldownSR StalldownSX 63223 6255867MDV4277531Stalldown
8Penn Beacon S.SR Penn Beac SSX 59947 6255362MDV24002076Penn Beacon South
9Penn Beacon S.W.SR PennBeac SWSX 59523 6247161MDV23992077Penn Beacon South West
10Cholwich TownSRxCholwichSX 585 623MDV24381824Cholwichtown
11Collard Tor W.SR CollardTo WSX 55833 6204557MDV25831843Collard Tor West
12Collard Tor E.SR CollardTo ESX 55849 6203557MDV147921842Collard Tor East
13Shaugh MoorSR ShaughMoorSX 55422 6343555MDV24342121Shaugh Moor
14Trowlesworthy E.SR Trowles ESX 57646 6397257MDV24213516Trowlesworthy 1
15Trowlesworthy W.SR Trowles WSX 57536 6397858MDV24152176Trowlesworthy 2
16Ringmoor DownSR RingmoorSX 56330 6580834MDV39862102Ringmoor Down
17Drizzlecombe S.SR Drizzle SSX 59161 6694940MDV147771905Drizzlecombe 1
18Drizzlecombe N.W.SR Drizzle NWSX 59243 6707140MDV33761904Drizzlecombe 3
19Drizzlecombe N.E.SR Drizzle NESX 59258 6705439MDV14776536Drizzlecombe 2
20Hingston Hill (Down Tor)SR Down TorSX 58697 6926728MDV35021901Hingston Hill
21Black Tor (Stanlake)SR StanlakeSX 56988 7138124MDV49941771Black Tor Stanlake
22Hart Tor NorthSR Hart Tor NSX 57708 7170825MDV48961973Hart Tor North
23Hart Tor SouthSR Hart Tor SSX 57720 7169825MDV48951974Hart Tor South
24Sharpitor N.W. 1SR Sharp NW1SX 55665 7061721MDV37622118Sharpitor North West 1
25Sharpitor N.W. 2SR:Sharp NW2SX 55687 7060021MDV37612119Sharpitor North West 2
26Sharpitor E.SR Sharpitor ESX 56171 7081921MDV49912117Sharpitor North East
27Merrivale ASR MerrivaleASX 55541 7480916MDV147972044Merrivale 1
28Merrivale BSR MerrivaleBSX 55567 7478816MDV14795117Merrivale 2
29Merrivale CSR MerrivaleCSX 55394 7476117MDV50013391Merrivale 3
30Langstone MoorSR LangstoneSX 55022 7885114MDV42232016Langstone Moor
31Cox TorSRxCoxTorSX 5307 7618MDV128021840 n/a
33CosdonSR CosdonSX 64317 91600152MDV68861858Cosdon
34Shoveldown BSR Shovel BSX 65955 86026139MDV61712129Shoveldown 2
35Shoveldown ASR Shovel ASX 65947 86029139MDV61682130Shoveldown 3
36Shoveldown CSR:Shovel CSX 65998 85903139MDV148752127Shoveldown 4
37Shoveldown E-FSR Shovel E-FSX 66017 85840139MDV61792126Shoveldown 5
38Shoveldown Longstone to Three BoysSR:Shoveldow6SX 66024 85681MDV6148 n/a Shoveldown 6
39Shoveldown D-G-H-JSR Shovel DGHJSX 66049 85707139MDV61812128Shoveldown 1
40Fernworthy S.W.SR Fernwthy SWSX 65479 84105138MDV148861934Fernworthy 3
41Fernworthy N.SR Fernwthy NSX 65538 84336138MDV65621933Fernworthy 1
42Fernworthy S.E.SR Fernwthy SESX 6549 8407138MDV655610484Fernworthy 2
43AssycombeSR AssycombeSX 66095 82641135MDV65371738Assycombe Stone Row
44Hurston RidgeSR HurstonSX 67260 82437136MDV65418345Hurston Ridge
45White RidgeSR White RidgeSX 65420 81661125MDV66424145White Ridge
46Challacombe DownSR ChallacombeSX 69016 80718126MDV66001819Challacombe Down
47Sherberton CommonSR:Sherberto2SX 69148 73346MDV6426 n/a Sherberton Common
48Trendlebere DownSR TrendlebereSX 76600 79239151MDV80762171Trendlebere Down
49Yar TorSR Yar TorSX 68177 73857122MDV64592199Yar Tor
50Laughter Tor E.SR Laugh Tor ESX 65222 75393122MDV534172017Laughter Tor 1
51Lakehead Hill 4 (E of Summit)SR Lakehead 4ESX 64498 77603116MDV58702009Lakehead Hill East
52Lakehead Hill SummitSR LakeheadSumSX 64367 77656115MDV59302010Lakehead Hill Summit
53Lakehead Hill S.W.SRxLakehead SWSX 6418 7730MDV584445595 n/a
55Conies DownSR ConiesDownSX 58591 79076107MDV45921846Conies Down
56Black Tor (Avon)SR Black TorSX 67730 6349485MDV285891772Black Tor Avon Stone Row
57Corringdon Ball N.SR CorringdonNSX 66661 6120682MDV56561856Corringdon Ball North
58Corringdon Ball S.SR CorringdonSSX 66684 6120582MDV56551857Corringdon Ball South
60Brent Fore HillSR Brent ForeSX 66848 6134583MDV57651777Brent Fore Hill
61Glasscombe CornerSR GlasscombeSX 65997 6074881MDV56613254Glasscombe Corner
62CantrellSR CantrellSX 65688 5713580MDV28891798Cantrell
65Soussons Down (Red Barrows)SRxRed BarrowsSX 6767 7998MDV60152136Soussons Down
66YellowmeadSR YellowmeadSX 57482 6784231MDV807692202Yellowmead Down
67Sharpitor W. (Peek Hill)SR Sharpitor WSX 55058 7074820MDV128312120Sharpitor West
70Piles HillSR Piles HillSX 65016 6111374MDV56622080Piles Hill
71Higher White TorSR:HigherWhitoSX 61917 78362110MDV58342192Higher White Tor
72Shell Top S.W.SR:ShellTop SWSX 59473 6314260MDV4889736955Shell Top South West
73Holne MoorSR Holne MoorSX 67431 7104290MDV129831981Holne Moor
75Merrivale (Menhir 1)SR Mer MenhirSX 55361 7459217MDV533973388Merrivale 4
76Leeden TorSR Leeden TorSX 56522 7147423MDV502232020Leeden Tor
77Butter Brook SSR Butter Br SSX 651 59978MDV131661971Butterbrook 1
78Butter Brook NSR:Butter Br NSX 652 59978MDV131661970Butterbrook 2
79Lakehead Hill S.E.SR Lakehead SESX 64701 77409118MDV587544544Lakehead Hill 2
81Treeland BrakeSRxTreeland BkSX 6741 6158MDV58276333473Treeland Brake
82Laughter Tor W.SR Laugh Tor WSX 65207 75389122MDV600252739Laughter Tor 2
83ScorhillSR:ScorhillSX 6547 8720146 n/a 25238 n/a
84Stannon NewtakeSR:Stannon NewSX 65348 81091MDV545552144Stannon Newtake
85Holne RidgeSR Holne RidgeSX 66741 7108090MDV6145327341Holne Ridge
86Hameldown N.E.SR Hamel NESX 71481 80095MDV188656333472Hameldown
87SherbertonSR SherbertonSX 63948 73349100MDV64266333470Sherberton Row
88Cut HillSR Cut HillSX 59871 82756130MDV6960425916Cut Hill
89Tottiford Reservoir 1SR Tottiford1SX 81137 83093MDV10254024205Tottiford Reservoir 1
90YardworthySR:YardworthySX 6760 8439MDV613376333471Yardworthy
91Butterdon EastSR ButterdonESX 65870 59203MDV2888 n/a Butterdon East
92Grimslake CistSR GrimslakeSX 70412 81154MDV8744 n/a Grimslake Cist
93Langstone Moor 3SR:Langstone 3SX 551 788 n/a n/a Langstone Moor 3
94Little Links TorSR LittleLinksSX 54234 87486MDV51434 n/a Little Links Tor
95Merrivale 5SR:Merrivale 5SX 55354 74592MDV53398 n/a Merrivale 5
96Merrivale 6SR Merrivale 6SX 55344 74590 n/a n/a Merrivale 6
97Sharp Tor North EastSR:SharpTor NESX 6500 6188MDV5764 n/a Sharp Tor North East
98Stalldown South EastSR StalldownSESX 63746 61059 n/a n/a Stalldown South East
99Tottiford Reservoir 2SR Tottiford2SX 81104 83202MDV102542 n/a Tottiford Reservoir 2
100Drizzlecombe 4SR Drizzle 4SX 59257 67256 n/a 1902Drizzlecombe 4
601Joan Ford's NewtakeSR Joan FordsSX 63183 71987MDV63751985Joan Fords Newtake
1219RamsleySRxRamsleySX 652 930MDV6950 n/a n/a
1220Black Tor (Avon) 2SR:BlackTor2SX 675 635MDV5752 n/a Black Tor Avon Stone Row

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