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Dartmoor Resource: Table of Devon Iron Age Forts

Table of Devon Iron Age Forts

Blackbury Camp Fort

Photo (18/04/24): Blackbury Camp Fort

The table below lists Iron Age hillforts in Devon. This is a bit of a departure for this website which is otherwise restricted to Dartmoor but the distribution of Iron Age hillforts beyond Dartmoor is of wider interest for walkers interested in archaeology and the author wanted to add them to the website's Garmin listings.

The major sites are covered here but there maybe some that are not yet included in the listings. The listings started with the 48 hillforts contained in Prehistoric Hillforts in Devon by Aileeen Fox (1996). Onto this layer were added those found in the fairly comprehehsive listings in wikipedia and then on Megalithic Portal. A list of all scheduled forts in devon was then incorportaed followed by some additional sites found on the HER. A few sites that appear as just crop markings have been identified on the HER but not included here.

This list is alphabetical by site name but click on the table headers to get listings ordered by Site Name, Fox list number, Short Name or OS number and so on. Clicking on the Site Name will open a site page with a large photo where one is available. Clicking on OS links will show location on a map and clicking on the HER number or Megalithic Portal link will open the relevant record in a new window.

Some of the major hillforts are property of the National Trust or the Woodland trust and as such are likely open access land, however, many are in private hands and not necessarily accessible to the public unless crossed by rights of way such as public roads or footpaths.The table below has a column indicating rights of access and more details will be found on the individual site pages including coverage on external websites not already in the table below e.g. via the National Trust or local authorities. With some a good view can be obtained from walking a footpath through or near the site.

This data can also be viewed in a Google Map, see: Google Map of Devon Forts

FortID Fox Site Name OS Text HER ScheduledID Megalithic Portal Wikipedia Access Visit Access Details Further Reading
64Beacon CastleSS 66462 46020MDE1022 n/a n/a Beacon Castle01Private. Possibly visible from footpath.exmoorher
86Beara CastleSS 64946 35661MDV197010025333796401Private. Bisected by road. n/a
65Belbury CastleSY 07589 94061MDV104331017774 n/a Belbury Castle01Private no public access. Visible from north on Strawberry Lane n/a
99Berra TorSX 47850 69184MDV54841002622 n/a 01Private land on the edge of DNP access land. Part of enclosure within DNP. n/a
62Berry Castle (Black Dog)SS 80177 09280MDV634101954144875Berry Castle (Black Dog)01Private. East side passed by W Emlett Ln (a footpath) n/a
63Berry Castle (Huntshaw)SS 49488 22294MDV5627101622545199Berry Castle (Huntshaw)11Clinton Devon Estates. Permissive access. Site managed in collaboration with Friends of Berry Castle.berrycastle huntshaw
66Berry Cliff CampSY 18837 88201MDV108991017772 n/a Berry Camp11South West Coast Patheastdevonaonb
67Berry HeadSX 94486 56503MDV95941017322 n/a Berry Head11Berry Head National Nature ReserveVisiit Devon
1Berrys WoodSX 84670 71061MDV914510038437763Berry's Wood11Bradley manor is a National trust property. There appear to be footpaths through Berry Woods near the fort. n/a
21Blackbury CampSY 18733 92357MDV10840101342514788Blackbury Camp11English HeritageEnglish Heritage
3626Blackdown Rings (Loddiswell)SX 72047 52052MDV760110162584622Blackdown Rings11PublicExplore Devon
232Bolt TailSX 66931 39678MDV484210193234618Bolt Tail11National TrustNational Trust
243Boringdon CampSX 54419 59637MDV175110199467752Boringdon Camp01SHDC. Currently closed to public due to erosion. moortoseaanddo
68Bremridge WoodSS 68600 28800MDV12022 n/a n/a Bremridge Wood00Private, near road. n/a
50Brent HillSX 70394 61725MDV795710026627753Brent Hill11There is access land on Brent Hill near the fort.legendarydartmoor
254Brent TorSX 47100 80400MDV1669100319928169Brent Tor11DNP? legendarydartmoor
95Brightley Barton CampSS 61246 22917MDV9721016205775401Private. Not far from road and not far from Umberleigh train station. n/a
96Burleigh DoltsSX 70813 40607MDV72241019313 n/a 01Private. Not far from footpath.Hillforts in the South Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (PDF)
265Burley WoodSX 49564 87527MDV5628101851925048Burley Wood11Private/FootpathExplore devon
3935Burridge (Roborough Castle)SS 56936 35182MDV9211002514460300Private n/a
276Burridge CampSS 74229 12586MDV770101514113335Burridge Fort11Private/Footpath n/a
101Bury CastleSS 98137 06443MDV12340 n/a n/a 01Private. Next to road. n/a
37Cadbury CastleSS 91335 05282MDV1213101954017012Cadbury Castle11Private/FootpathBritain Express
69CaptonSX 83066 53230MDV8511 n/a n/a Capton01Private. Not far from lane.Visit devon
70Castle CloseSS 93719 18125MDV1321102003742723Castle Close00Private. Exe Valley Way road route 0.5 km. n/a
288Castle Dyke (Ashcombe)SX 92132 77003MDV978310045822697700PrivateAshcombe Cottages
299Castle Dyke (Chudleigh)SX 87478 78757MDV900810038467755Castle Dyke00PrivateChudleigh History Group
97Castle Farm (Stowford)SX 40398 85491MDV39001017968 n/a 01Private. Not far from footpath n/a
4Castle Head SX 38109 78595MDV26901020272 n/a Castle Head00Private? Nr River tamar. Dunterue Wood. Probably public tracks through wood. n/a
71Castle HillSS 49815 19002MDV437 n/a n/a Castle Hill11Castle Hill in Torrington. n/a
91Castle Hill (Woolleigh Bridge)SS 52259 16849MDV2841021417 n/a 00Private n/a
105Castle Park CampSX 42363 79806MDV56481020274 n/a 00Private n/a
3010Clovelly DykesSS 31140 23462MDV16910185224601Clovelly Dykes00PrivateNDAS or northdevoncoast-nl
511Cotley CastleSX 86013 89541MDV93881003180 n/a Cotley Castle01Perridge Estate. Private on side of road.visit south devon
712Cranbrook Castle SX 73858 89023MDV822110038604624Cranbrook Castle11Private/Footpathlegendary dartmoor
72Cranmore CastleSS 95883 11807MDV1360102015642367Cranmore Castle00Private n/a
73Cunnilear CampSS 61330 36859MDV19641002511 n/a Cunnilear Camp01Private but close to road and footpath. n/a
813Denbury CampSX 81646 68534MDV860310038574628Denbury Hill11DCCwoodlandtrust
51Dewerstone FortSX 53872 64000MDV2381102024129453Dewerstone11DNPLegendary Dartmoor
914Dolbury (Killerton)SS 97272 00421MDV1312101719222474Dolbury11National TrustNational Trust
1015DumpdonST 17612 04058MDV187710188514610Dumpdon Hill11National Trustblackdownhillsaonb
1116East HillSX 60400 94160MDV688010038734707311Private/Footpath n/a
104East Kidland WoodSS 80861 23162MDV11931004588 n/a 10Harpson Wood a public right of way. n/a
1217Embury BeaconSS 21699 19503MDV481003845 n/a Embury Beacon11National Trustnorthdevoncoast-nl
102Farway CastleSY 16063 95499MDV1068810142434444311Forestry commission land eastdevonaonb
85GarlifordSS 75727 26383MDV75210162142917400Private n/a
3832Greenway Camp (Noss)SX 88830 53632MDV85411020158 n/a Greenway Camp01Privatevisit south devon
5818Halwell CampSX 78427 53241MDV763010192374627Halwell Camp01Private bisected by road. n/a
3119Hawkesdown CampSY 26184 91426MDV11391101777531018Hawkesdown Hill01Private (Bindon Estate). Visible in vicinity no public access.Trespassers Companion
1320HemburyST 11263 03127MDV185310188504609Hembury11Devon Archaeological SocietyHembury Fort
3221Hembury Castle (Buckfast)SX 72608 68455MDV7776100385934692Hembury Castle (Buckfast)10National TrustNational Trust
74Hembury Castle (Tythecott)SS 42721 17905MDV4181002503 n/a Hembury Castle (Tythecott)00Private. Not far from road. n/a
1422High PeakSY 10342 85952MDV15122100388743929High Peak11Private/Footpatheastdevonaonb
94Higher Bury CampSX 79781 95730MDV843210151433486700Private n/a
3323HillsboroughSS 53162 47718MDV2210100251220353Hillsborough11Publicnorthdevoncoast-nl
75HolburySX 62375 50509MDV3155101978224500Holbury00Private. n/a
52Holne Chase Castle FortSX 72437 71979MDV79961003842 n/a Holne Chase Castle01Private. Permission maybe granted on request. n/a
3424Hunters TorSX 76158 82443MDV882410038277759Hunters Tor11Common Landholidayindartmoor
3525Huntsham CastleSS 99123 17846MDV1332101953929180Huntsham Castle00Private n/a
76Kentisbury DownSS 63616 44052MDE10771003870 n/a Kentisbury Down00Private. Road is near.exmoorher
61Knowle CastleSS 48894 38333MDV582100254250230Knowle Hill Castle01Private but not far from footpath. n/a
53Knowle Wood FortSX 53356 64126MDV125834 n/a n/a 11Forestry Commision. Not far from cycle route to Clearwater. n/a
87Leathern CastleSX 76186 97488MDV13753 n/a 776001Private - bisected by road. n/a
103Lucy Cleave WoodSX 36833 78577MDV26891020070 n/a 00Private. Nr River tamar. n/a
1527Membury CastleST 28274 02872MDV1930101795130302Membury Castle11Private/Footpathwalkingworld
1628Milber DownSX 88440 69841MDV864910031784629Milber Down11Private/FootpathDCC
1729Mockham DownSS 66675 35818MDV1985100253431141Mockham Down00Private n/a
3730Musbury CastleSY 28217 94120MDV11390101679331134Musbury Castle11Private/Footpatheastdevonaonb
1831Myrtleberry North CampSS 74338 48825MDE1247 n/a n/a Myrtlebury11National Trustexmoorher
54Nattadon FortSX 70510 86638MDV8261 n/a 4357811DNP/Common Land. n/a
77Newberry CastleSS 57100 47000MDV12550 n/a 29171Newberry Castle00Private n/a
90Northcott Wood CampSX 33074 91736MDV27601003863 n/a 01Private but surrounded by footpath. n/a
19Oldaport CampSX 63242 49318MDV486110202344677501Private but close to road and footpatharchaeologydataservice
59Peppercombe CastleSS 37801 24125MDV11687 n/a 7764Peppercombe11SW Coast Pathsouthwestcoastpath
2033Posbury CampSX 80709 97183MDV9425100382629205Posbury01Private n/a
5534Prestonbury Castle FortSX 74683 90025MDV8439100386129170Prestonbury Castle11Private/Footpathholidayindartmoor
78Raddon TopSS 88599 03169MDV2972910162597765Raddon Top01Private. Track to reservoir - no right of way. archaeologydataservice
4036Roborough CastleSS 73059 46000MDE1246 n/a n/a Roborough Castle11Private/Footpathexmoorher
56Roborough Down FortSX 50557 64141MDV2366 n/a 2881211DNP n/a
79Seaton DownSY 23444 91871MDV14054101777630175Seaton Down01Private. Can be seen from footpaths. n/a
4137Shoulsbury CastleSS 70553 39100MDE1192100388434692Shoulsbury castle00Privateexmoorher
4238Sidbury CastleSY 12845 91316MDV10733101884916968Sidbury Castle00Privateeastdevonaonb
60Slapton CastleSX 80857 44398MDV837110192367766Slapton Castle01Private. Road passes through site.visitsouthdevon
80Smytha ParkSS 63587 38472MDV19581002510 n/a Smythapark00Private n/a
88South Longridge WoodSX 49705 83870MDV16661018518 n/a 11DNP. Nr Lydford Gorge n/a
100SpreacombeSS 48236 41585MDV11907 n/a n/a 11RSPB nature reserve Chapel Wood. Accessible.RSPB
4339Stanborough CampSX 77276 51671MDV762210193144626Stanborough00Privategatehouse-gazetteer
4440Stock CastleSS 71823 46909MDE1242 n/a n/a 00Privateexmoorher
4541Stockland Great CastleST 22618 02608MDV1913101795229181Stockland Castle01Privateblackdownhillsaonb
4642Stockland Little CastleST 22990 03626MDV1918101795329182Stockland Castle01Privateblackdownhillsaonb
2143Stoke Hill CampSX 92655 95713MDV101961003841 n/a Stoke Hill11Private/Footpath n/a
93Stonehill CopseSS 71274 22420MDV7491015463 n/a 00Private n/a
98Ten Oaks (Roborough)SS 56150 16986MDV2901016228 n/a 00Private n/a
92The TrendleSX 49067 75341MDV38291002598 n/a 01Private. Tavistock on side of road.moortoseaanddo
4744Voley CastleSS 65565 46242MDE10191003885 n/a Voley Castle11Private/Footpathexmoorher
4845Wasteberry campSX 57177 53912MDV2292102016030300Wasteberry Camp00Private n/a
57White Tor FortSX 54246 78678MDV410110045841750611DNPlegendarydartmoor
81Windbury Head campSS 28693 26675MDV711003864 n/a Windbury Head11South West Coast
646WindhillSS 74044 49414MDE1236 n/a 4608Wind Hill11National Trustexmoor her
82Woodbury (Stoke Fleming)SX 84265 51052MDV85041019783 n/a Woodbury (Stoke Fleming)00Private.archaeologydataservice
2247Woodbury CastleSY 03246 87364MDV1050010038624632Woodbury Castle11Common Landeastdevonaonb
89Woodpeckers HaltSS 35942 23503MDV1811002527 n/a 11SW Coast Path n/a
4948Wooston Castle FortSX 76486 89673MDV829210038227767Wooston Castle11Private/Footpathholidayindartmoor
83YarrowburySX 67249 46044MDV125419 n/a n/a Yarrowbury00Private n/a
84Yellowberries CopseSX 69217 58614MDV29251019325 n/a Yellowberries Copse01Private. Near road South Brent n/a

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