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Guidance for walkers: The monuments featured in this database are archaeological treasures and need to be protected and preserved - please do not disturb any sites. Please check access and firing times before visiting sites, not all sites listed are on open access land. Firing ranges and boundaries of open access areas are marked on the OL28 OS Dartmoor Explorer map. Please stick to the country code and consider giving support to the numerous agencies that help to keep Dartmoor a fabulous natural and historic environment!

About the database: In all listings clicking on the photo will open a page for the site with a larger photo. The listings are drawn mainly from scientific journals and will not include the most recently discovered minor sites. There is comprehensive coverage of stone circles, stone rows and menhirs. Listings for cists and cairn circles should cover most of the better known sites. There are only partial entries for round cairns, settlements, pounds and none for reaves. For listings of specific types of monument click on Resources in the menu above. Corrections, or any feedback or suggestions are very welcome, email:

NOTE: Clicking on the icons for each monument in the map will give the name of the monument. Where icons overlap they are replaced with an icon with a number - zooming in may separate them out.

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Blakey Tor (E) Cist

Blakey Tor (E) Cist

OS Map: SX 61311 73558
NMR record: SX 67 SW 10
HER record: 6245
Megalithic Portal: 28869
PMD: Blakey Tor E.
Alternate name: Blakey Tor E. Cist
ShortName: CT:BlakeyTor E
Butler map: 65.4
DPD page: 102
Grinsell: LYD 85
Barrow Report: 31 47
Notes: Dixon #30. Bar Rep. 30. Butler Vol. 4. Map 65.4 (diagram p.232). Blakey Tor (Tor South of Blackabrook). Grinsell LYDFORD 85. "A reed-filled cist is set well into the cairn on a NNW-SSE axis. The intact chamber measures internally 0.95m long, a maximum 0.65m wide and 0.45m deep; the longest side slab is 1.4m by 0.3m by 0.45m and largest end slab 0.55m by 0.2m by 0.4m. The coverstone against the NW side of the cist is roughly oval in shape and measures 1.7m by 1.3m and a maximum 0.25m thick." Lethbridge diagram p.102 Cist(B), photo p.102.
Nearby sites: SX61317356
Distance: 1.63km

Blakey Tor (W) Cist

Blakey Tor (W) Cist

OS Map: SX 61240 73551
NMR record: SX 67 SW 11
HER record: 6244
Megalithic Portal: 45772
PMD: Blakey Tor W.
Alternate name: Blakey Tor W. Cist
ShortName: CT:BlakeyTor W
Butler map: 65.4
DPD page: 103
Grinsell: LYD 84
Notes: Butler Blakey Tor W. - Vol. 4. Map 65.4 (diagram p.232). Grinsell LYDFORD 84. "The incomplete cist is oriented NW-SE. It measures about 0.85m long, 0.4m to 0.55m wide and 0.25m deep internally. The upright W side slab is 0.9m by 0.2m by 0.25m and the surviving end slab is 0.4m by 0.2m by 0.25m. The E side is formed by a flat-sided boulder which is c. 1.1m long, at least 0.6m thick and 0.25m high. The SE side is open. The coverstone is 1.7m by 0.7m by 0.4m and leans against the W side of the cist." Lethbridge diagram p.102 Cist(A), photo top p.103.
Nearby sites: SX61247355
Distance: 1.66km

Childe's Tomb Platform Cairn Circle and Cist

OS Map: SX 62577 70300
NMR record: SX 67 SW 31
HER record: 48907
Megalithic Portal: 15211
PMD: Childe's Tomb
ShortName: CT:ChildesTomb
Butler map: 64.4
DPD page: 94
Grinsell: LYD 96
Turner: E33
Notes: Turner E33. Dixon #94. Butler Vol. 4. Map 64.4 (diagram p.220). Grinsell LYDFORD 96. "A much disturbed cairn, 9m in diameter and 0.3m high with a modern 'kerb' of blocks and slabs, 5.8m in diameter and 0.5m high, set upon the mound. At the centre is a well built cist 1.4m long, 0.5m wide and 0.6m deep. Over this is a two tier pedestal of eight well trimmed blocks, of three different lengths; a further half buried block lies S of the monument. Upon this is a replacement socket stone and cross, cut at Holne in 1885". Lethbridge diagram p.93, photo p.94.
Nearby sites: SX62587030
Distance: 1.88km

Crock of Gold Ring Setting Cairn and Cist

Crock of Gold Ring Setting Cairn and Cist

OS Map: SX 61286 73076
NMR record: SX 67 SW 38
HER record: 6308
Megalithic Portal: 14960
PMD: The Crock of Gold
ShortName: CT:CrockofGold
Butler map: 65.2
DPD page: 101
Grinsell: LYD 86
Turner: D17
Barrow Report: 27 47
Notes: Turner D17. Dixon #25. Bar Rep. 27. Butler Vol. 4. Map 65.2 (diagram p.229). Grinsell LYDFORD 86. "The cairn, 7m in overall diameter and 0.3m high, has a flattish top with a retaining circle set 1m to 1.5m within the perimeter. This consists of six earthfast boulders, about 0.4m across and protruding a similar height above the cairn ... A central cist is oriented NW to SE. Internally it is 0.8m long, 0.4m wide at the NW end, 0.5m at the SE, and 0.7m deep. The side slabs are 1m long and respectively 0.15m and 0.25m thick; the end slabs, 0.5m long and 0.1m thick. The capstone, moved to the W, is 1.3m long, 1.1m wide and 0.15m thick and now rests against the kerb." Lethbridge diagram p.102 Cist(C), photo p.101.
Nearby sites: SX61297308
Distance: 1.23km

Fox Tor Newtake, North Cist

OS Map: SX 62861 71178
NMR record: SX 67 SW 33
HER record: 6303
Megalithic Portal: 45677
PMD: Ter Hill N.
Alternate name: Ter Hill N.W.1 Cist
ShortName: CT:FoxTorNew N
Butler map: 64.3.1
DPD page: 93
Grinsell: LYD 97
Barrow Report: 24
Notes: Dixon #19. Bar Rep. 24. Butler Ter Hill N.W. 1 - Vol. 4. Map 64.3 (diagram p. 219). Grinsell LYDFORD 97. "The cist is 0.6m deep and 1.2m long, the NW end is 0.4m wide and SE end 0.6m wide; the NW end-slab, said by Burnard (1905)to be wedged in the bottom cannot be seen. The coverstone, resting on the NE side, is 1.6m by 1.3m at its extremeties". Lethbridge diagram (Cist A) and photo p.93.
Nearby sites: SX62867118
Distance: 1.24km

Fox Tor Newtake, South Cist

OS Map: SX 62864 70964
NMR record: SX 67 SW 32
HER record: 6279
Megalithic Portal: 45678
PMD: Ter Hill S.
Alternate name: Ter Hill N.W.2 Cist
ShortName: CT:FoxTorNew S
Butler map: 64.3.2
DPD page: 94
Grinsell: LYD 98
Barrow Report: 24
Notes: Dixon #20. Bar Rep. 24. Butler Ter Hill N.W. 2 - Vol. 4. Map 64.3 (diagram p.219). Grinsell LYDFORD 98. "The turf-covered cairn is, at maximum, 3.9m in diameter and 0.3m in height. The cist, oriented NW/SE, is approximately 1.3m by 0.55m, and 0.75m deep, and now almost hidden by the SW side stone which has fallen inwards. The NE end stone is not evident but an 0.7m high upright granite post retains part of the mound on this NE side. There is no trace of the coverstone". Lethbridge diagram p.93 (Cist B), top photos p.94.
Nearby sites: SX62867096
Distance: 1.41km

Goldsmith's Cross E.1. Cist

OS Map: SX 61871 70395
NMR: No record found
HER record: 61775
Megalithic Portal: 45806
PMD: Fox Tor Mires E.
Alternate name: Goldsmith's Cross E.1 Cist
ShortName: CT:GoldsmithE1
Butler map: 64.5.1
Notes: Butler Goldsmith's Cross E. 1. Vol. 4. Map 64.5 (Cairn 1 - diagram p.221). There is no NMR for this site. There is an HER entry MDV61775 which matches precisely with the OS reference given by Butler. Butler describes: "The mound 0.1m high at best surrounds a slightly wedge-shaped cist of which only the sides, one composed of two stones, and an end are visible. The missing slab is probably buried in place".
Nearby sites: SX61877040
Distance: 1.7km

Goldsmith's Cross E.2. Ring Setting Cairn and Cist

Goldsmith's Cross E.2. Ring Setting Cairn and Cist

OS Map: SX 61804 70322
NMR record: SX 67 SW 41
HER record: 6342
Megalithic Portal: 42707
PMD: Fox Tor Mires cairn
Alternate name: Goldsmith's Cross E.2 Ring Setting Cairn and Cist
ShortName: CT:GoldsmithE2
Butler map: 64.5.2
DPD page: 95
Grinsell: LYD 95
Turner: D23
Notes: Turner D23 (Fox Tor Mire) - Proc Devon Arch Soc 48 (diagram p.45). Butler Goldsmith's Cross E. 2 - Vol. 4. Map 64.5 (Cairn 2 - diagram p.221). Grinsell LYDFORD 95 (Fox Tor Mire). "West end stone of cist leans slightly inwards, otherwise a perfect cist measuring 0.75m NW-SE by 0.5m wide by 0.4m deep. Retaining circle of 7 stones averaging 0.4m high. No coverstone or barrow". Lethbridge diagram p.93, photo bottom right p.95 and on p.96.
Nearby sites: SX61807032
Distance: 1.78km

Goldsmith's Cross E.3. Cist

OS Map: SX 61741 70204
NMR record: SX 67 SW 50
HER record: 6343
Megalithic Portal: 45748
PMD: Goldsmith's Cross
Alternate name: Goldsmith's Cross E.3 Cist
ShortName: CT:GoldsmithE3
Butler map: 64.5.3
DPD page: 95
Grinsell: LYD 94
Barrow Report: 58
Notes: Dixon #85 (Fox Tor Newtake No. 2). Bar Rep. 58. Butler Goldsmith's Cross E.3. - Vol. 4. Map 64.5 (Cairn 3 - diagram p.221). Grinsell LYDFORD 94. "The NW sidestone, 0.8m long by 0.2m wide and the NE endstone 0.6m long, 0.15m wide are the only recognisable cist stones though it is possible that the SW side was formed by the two small slabs still visible and depicted by Worth. There is no coverstone". Lethbridge diagram p.93, photo bottom left p.95.
Nearby sites: SX61747020
Distance: 1.91km

Joan Ford's Newtake Cairn Circle

OS Map: SX 63033 72172
NMR record: SX 67 SW 26
HER record: 6261
Megalithic Portal: 3296
Alternate name: Joan Ford's Newtake 2 Cairn Circle
ShortName: CC:Joan Fords
Butler map: 63.3.2
Grinsell: LYD 91
Turner: G22
Barrow Report: 30
Notes: Turner Stone Circle G22. Bar Rep 30. "A stone circle with six identifiable erect or leaning stones. One forms the E post of the gateway, the west post, 7ft high, stands outside the circumference. It is because of its small diameter, without doubt a retaining circle; any internal features such as a central hollow or possible kistvean have been obliterated by the wall builders."
Nearby sites: SX63037217
Distance: 1.01km

Joan Ford's Newtake Embanked Cairn Circle and Cist

OS Map: SX 63143 72168
NMR record: SX 67 SW 27
HER record: 6260
Megalithic Portal: 3295
PMD: Joan Ford's Newtake
Alternate name: Joan Ford's Newtake 1 Embanked Cairn Circle and Cist
ShortName: CT:Joan Fords
Butler map: 63.3.1
DPD page: 99
Grinsell: LYD 92
Turner: B7
Barrow Report: 30
Notes: Turner B7. Dixon #28. Bar Rep. 30. Butler Joan Ford's Newtake 1 - Vol. 4. Map 63.3 (diagram p.214). Grinsell LYDFORD 92. "A low kerb within the disturbed fringes of the mound is 8.7m in diameter with more or less continuous upright slabs and boulders 0.3m to 0.6m high. A dry stone newtake wall crosses the N side and overlies part of the kerb. A well-preserved cist, oriented NW-SE, is internally 1.0m long, 0.5m to 0.65m wide and up to 0.7m deep. The coverstone leans against the SE side of the cist and measures 1.35m by 1.0m by 0.2." Lethbridge diagram p.99, photo bottom p.99.
Nearby sites: SX63147217
Distance: 1.12km

Royal Hill Cairn

OS Map: SX 61817 71957
NMR record: SX 67 SW 40
HER record: 6310
Megalithic Portal: 34957
Alternate name: Royal Hill E.1 Cairn
ShortName: CN:RoyalHill 1
Butler map: 65.5.1
Grinsell: LYD 93
Notes: "This impressive disturbed turf-covered cairn on the summit area of Royal Hill at 394m OD. It measures 16.4m (N-S) by 15.6m (E-W) with a maximum height of 1.8m. The flattish top has an off-centre pit 4.5m by 2.4m and 0.8m deep with some upcast material dumped around the top edge. Damage to the perimeter, reported in 1982 (8), has mostly been reinstated. The cairn is variously named Broken Barrow, Broken Barrows and Brokenborough"

Nearby sites: SX61827196
Distance: 0.24km

Royal Hill Summit Cist

Royal Hill Summit Cist

OS Map: SX 61295 72792
NMR record: SX 67 SW 191
HER record: 18391
Megalithic Portal: 45798
PMD: Royal Hill Summit
ShortName: CT:RoyalHill 7
Butler map: 65.5.7
Butler Vol 5: p.185 & Fig.128
DPD page: 102
Notes: Butler Royal Hill Summit Vol. 4. Map 65.2 (diagram Vol. 5. p.185). "The cairn 7.4m E to W, and 6.5m N to S, and about 0.5m high. It is turf covered, but the tops of three stones of an inner retaining circle are exposed to a height of 0.3m. The largest is 1.1m long and 0.2m thick ... The cist, oriented E to W is largely infilled; internally it measures 0.8m by 0.6m, and is 0.2m deep. The coverstone is missing as is the stone at the E end. The others take the form of irregular boulders rather than slabs". Lethbridge diagram p.102 Cist(D), photo p.102.
Nearby sites: SX61307279
Distance: 1km

Royal Hill, Central Platform Cairn Circle and Cist

Royal Hill, Central Platform Cairn Circle and Cist

OS Map: SX 62082 72334
NMR record: SX 67 SW 34
HER record: 6304
Megalithic Portal: 34960
PMD: Royal Hill E.
Alternate name: Royal Hill E.4 Platform Cairn Circle and Cist
ShortName: CT:RoyalHill 4
Butler map: 65.5.4
DPD page: 98
Grinsell: LYD 89
Turner: E21
Barrow Report: 27 47
Notes: Turner E21 - listed as Royal Hill (N) [n.b. we have a south, central & north - N being a different cist]. Dixon #23. Bar Rep. 27. Butler Royal Hill E. 4 (Cairn 4 - diagram p.233) - Vol. 4. Map 65.5. Grinsell LYDFORD 89. "The cairn has an overall diameter of about 7.5m in diameter, and 0.6m high, with a flattish top. There are traces of an inner kerb 4.5m in diameter, and an outer one 5.7m across comprising boulders and slabs, the largest 1.5m long, 0.6m high, and 0.2m thick. The interior of the central cist is about 0.8m square with four stones up to 0.25m thick and 0.6m deep but the southern one overlaps the sides, is 1m long, and gives the cist its NW to SE alignment. This and the two end stones incline inwards; the northern one inclines slightly outwards. There is no cover stone." Lethbridge diagram p.97 Cist B, photo p.98.
Nearby sites: SX62087233
Distance: 0.25km

Royal Hill, North Ring Setting Cairn and Cist

Royal Hill, North Ring Setting Cairn and Cist

OS Map: SX 62108 72434
NMR record: SX 67 SW 35
HER record: 6305
Megalithic Portal: 34959
PMD: Royal Hill NE.
Alternate name: Royal Hill E.5 Ring Setting Cairn and Cist
ShortName: CT:RoyalHill 5
Butler map: 65.5.5
DPD page: 98
Grinsell: LYD 90
Turner: D21
Barrow Report: 27 47
Notes: Turner D21. Dixon #24. Bar Rep. 27. Butler Royal Hill E. 5 (Cairn 5 - diagram p.233)- Vol. 4. Map 65.5. Central cist. Grinsell LYDFORD 90. "The circle is 3.1m in overall diameter, comprising nine contiguous thick slabs, up to 0.9m long and from 0.3m to 0.7m high... There is virtually no cairn material but the interior has been levelled up to a height of 0.1m on the E, downhill side. A central cist oriented WNW to ESE is represented by two side stones which protrude 0.15m above ground. They are 1.2m and 0.9m long and both about 0.2m thick and 0.4m deep. The longer, northern one leans inwards and touches the other at the W end; at the E the stones are 0.8m apart separated by two flat (packing ?) stones each about 0.35m across. An overgrown and embedded slab against the circle W if the cist may have been an end stone." Lethbridge diagram p.97 Cist C, photo p.98.
Nearby sites: SX62117243
Distance: 0.35km

Royal Hill, South Platform Cairn Circle and Cist

Royal Hill, South Platform Cairn Circle and Cist

OS Map: SX 62020 72091
NMR record: SX 67 SW 39
HER record: 6309
Megalithic Portal: 34958
PMD: Royal Hill SE.
Alternate name: Royal Hill E.3 Platform Cairn Circle and Cist
ShortName: CT:RoyalHill 3
Butler map: 65.5.3
DPD page: 98
Grinsell: LYD 88
Turner: E31
Barrow Report: 27 47
Notes: Turner E31. Dixon #22. Bar Rep. 27. Butler Royal Hill E. 3 - Vol. 4. Map 65.5 (Cairn 3 - diagram p.233). Grinsell LYDFORD 88. "The cairn is 4.9m in diameter and 0.4m high with a flattish, platform, top. It is retained by a kerb of almost contiguous orthostats, the largest 1.1m long, 0.2m thick, and 0.6m high. A few are fallen or displaced. The central cist is oriented WNW to ESE, lacking both coverstone and N side slab. Internally it measures 1.35m by 0.75m by 0.55m deep." Lethbridge diagram p.97 Cist A, photo p.98.
Nearby sites: SX62027209
Distance: 0km

Swincombe Ford Newtake 1 Cist

OS Map: SX 63330 72988
NMR record: SX 67 SW 126
HER record: 54431
Megalithic Portal: 42665
PMD: Swincombe Ford Newtake
ShortName: CT:Swincombe 1
Butler map: 63.5.1
DPD page: 99
Notes: Butler Vol. 4. Map 63.5 (diagram p.215). "A robbed cist within a cairn on a gently sloping NE-facing moorland hillside. A stoney cairn 6.0m N-S by 5.5m E-W and 0.3m high contains the cist, approximately 0.8m wide, 0.3m deep and of indeterminate length and orientation. The capstone, 1.4m by 1.3m largely obscures the cist, with only the ?NE end stone being visible." Lethbridge diagram p.99 photo top of p.99.
Nearby sites: SX63337299
Distance: 1.59km

Tor Royal (newtake) Stone Ring Cairn Circle

OS Map: SX 62939 72246
NMR record: SX 67 SW 220
HER record: 18388
Megalithic Portal: 45831
Alternate name: Joan Ford's Newtake N.3 Stone Ring Cairn Circle
ShortName: RC:Tor Royal
Butler map: 63.3
Turner: A18
Notes: Turner A18. "Disturbed ring cairn consisting of a stone ring 8.0 meters in diameter internally with bank 1.0 meter wide and 0.2 meters high."
Nearby sites: SX62947225
Distance: 0.93km

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