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Dartmoor Site: Royal Hill, South Platform Cairn Circle and Cist

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Royal Hill, South Platform Cairn Circle and Cist

Royal Hill, South Platform Cairn Circle and Cist

Photo taken on 13-09-2014

OS Map: SX 62020 72091
OS Source: Google
NMR record: SX 67 SW 39
HER record: 6309
Megalithic Portal: 34958
PMD: Royal Hill SE.
Alternate name: Royal Hill E.3
Short Name: CT:RoyalHill 3
Butler map: 65.5.3
Grinsell: LYDFORD 88
Turner: E31
DPD page: 98
Exist: Yes
Record: Unique
Record Source: Butler
Cist Class: Yes
Cairn Class: Yes
Barrow Report: 27 47
Dimensions (m): 4.7 x 0.5 C
Notes: Turner E31. Dixon #22. Bar Rep. 27. Butler Royal Hill E. 3 - Vol. 4. Map 65.5 (Cairn 3 - diagram p.233). Grinsell LYDFORD 88. "The cairn is 4.9m in diameter and 0.4m high with a flattish, platform, top. It is retained by a kerb of almost contiguous orthostats, the largest 1.1m long, 0.2m thick, and 0.6m high. A few are fallen or displaced. The central cist is oriented WNW to ESE, lacking both coverstone and N side slab. Internally it measures 1.35m by 0.75m by 0.55m deep." Lethbridge diagram p.97 Cist A, photo p.98.
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