Prehistoric Dartmoor Walks, walking the Stone Rows and Stone Circles of Dartmoor
Dartmoor Resource: Table of Dartmoor Cists

Table of Dartmoor Cists

The table below lists over 150 cists included in the Prehistoric Dartmoor Walks database. For convenience of comparison with Dixon's list of cists the table is ordered by the "Dixon" number as extended by Grinsell. The numbers from 130 onwards merely represent the order that additional entries have been added. For a more detailed discussion and a listing including photos and notes see the main page on cists. Click on the table headers to get listings ordered by Site Name, Short Name or OS number. Clicking on the Site Name will open a site page with a large photo where one is available. Clicking on OS links will list nearby sites and clicking on the NMR or HER number will open the relevant record in a new window.

#Site NameShort NameOSDPDNMRHERMegalithic Portal
1Wigford Down Platform Cairn Circle and CistCT:WigfordDownSX5442644333SX 56 SW 1023733536
19Fox Tor Newtake, North CistCT:FoxTorNew NSX6286711893SX 67 SW 33630345677
20Fox Tor Newtake, South CistCT:FoxTorNew SSX6286709694SX 67 SW 32627945678
40Brown Heath (Hook Lake) Encircled Cairn and CistCT:Hook LakeSX6411653374SX 66 NW 4851371788
41Vixen Tor CistCT:Vixen TorSX5424743915SX 57 SW 5359629932
50Hentor A CistCT:Hen Tor N5SX5971656950SX 56 NE 105351145712
55Deadman's Bottom D Platform Cairn Circle and CistCT:Deadmans DSX6096667345SX 66 NW 38508645731
61Leather Tor Platform Cairn Circle and CistCT:Leather TorSX5633695223SX 56 NE 8343434457
67Lakehead Newtake CistCT:Lakehead 9SX64687839SX 67 NW 28595545734
72Stannon Little Newtake Ring Setting Cairn and CistCT:Stannon NewSX65468105124SX 68 SE 24661637598
74Archerton Tennis Ground Platform Cairn Circle and CistCT:Arch TennisSX63857887114SX 67 NW 9583937599
77Stennen Hill No. 3 CistCT:Stennen 2SX62617783111SX 67 NW 16584745737
79Black Newtake (C) No. 3 Ring Setting Cairn and CistCT:BlackNew C3SX63897587120SX 67 NW 49589034908
80Black Newtake (E) No. 5 Ring Setting Cairn and CistCT:BlackNew E5SX63857573SX 67 NW 51595045744
81Dunnabridge Common Platform Cairn Circle and CistCT:DunnabridgeSX63597550120SX 67 NW 54595237603
82Muddy Lakes Newtake CistCT:MuddilakeSX62587518SX 67 NW 56589445745
85Goldsmith's Cross E.3. CistCT:GoldsmithE3SX6174702095SX 67 SW 50634345748
87Dunnabridge Pound Farm Newtake CistCT:DunPound FmSX64097569121SX 67 NW 52589145751
91Brent Moor House CistCT:Brent MoorSX68026403SX 66 SE 3574445754
92Stanlake CistCT:StanlakeSX56437086SX 57 SE 45374645755
94Childe's Tomb Platform Cairn Circle and CistCT:ChildesTombSX6258703094SX 67 SW 314890715211
96Erme Pound (Near) CistCT:Erme PoundSX63926551SX 66 NW 622858545758
99Shovel Down CistCT:Shovel DownSX65998591SX 68 NE 34618228953
104Knackersmill Gulf N. CistCT:StingersSX6338655973SX 66 SW 961318545759
110Langcombe Brook 5 CistCT:Langcombe 5SX6088664146SX 66 NW 37512945767
112Trowlesworthy Warren Platform Cairn Circle and CistCT:TrowlesSX5715647655SX 56 SE 1172857045773
116Thornworthy Corner (N) CistCT:Thornwort NSX66128547SX 68 NE 42618345776
119Cosdon Beacon CistCT:Cosdon 4SX63739165153SX 69 SW 45692510325
120Cosdon Beacon Embanked Cairn Circle and CistCT:Cosdon 3SX63719159152SX 69 SW 15689810325
123West Vitifer CistCT:WestVitiferSX67578281SX 68 SE 7661534980
124Shoveldown N.W. 5 CistCT:Shovel NW5SX64398625SX 68 NW 14439445782
127Nattor Down 5 CistCT:Nattor 5SX5409828612SX 58 SW 17322345784
128Barn Hill CistCT:Barn HillSX5333745815SX 57 SW 271468545785
130Beardown Farm CistCT:Beardown FmSX60407540SX 67 NW 86597445789
134Sittaford Tor Ring Setting Cairn and CistCT:SittafordSX63468265125SX 68 SW 1102189445792
136Cator Common Platform Cairn Circle and CistCT:CatorCommonSX67117751SX 67 NE 16598745793
137Standon Hill Ring Setting Cairn and CistCT:Standon 1SX54748137SX 58 SW 542015545794
139Merrivale Embanked Cairn Circle and CistCT:MerrivaleSWSX55367475SX 57 SE 7499710503
147Black Down W. Platform Cairn Circle and CistCT:BlackDown WSX57409154SX 59 SE 816133245801
149Goldsmith's Cross E.1. CistCT:GoldsmithE1SX61877040 n/a 6177545806
150Stonetor Brookhead E. CistCT:Stonetor E2SX65278563133SX 68 NE 751302345807
152Hickley Ridge W CistCT:HickleyWSX6659620384SX 66 SE 1821328345809
159Maiden Hill CistCT:MaidenHillSX58837938108SX 57 NE 44421645815
160Crockern Tor CistCT:CrockernTorSX61417604110SX 67 NW 1515756945816
162Giant's Basin (near) CistCT:GiantsBasinSX59186694SX 56 NE 44337318464

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