Prehistoric Dartmoor Walks, walking the Stone Rows and Stone Circles of Dartmoor
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Dartmoor Walk: Burrator and Down Tor

ROUTE: Short walk. Start Sharpitor Car Park. Finish Sharpitor Car Park. Distance 11km.

SITES OF INTEREST: Hart Tor Double Stone Row & Cairn Circle, Down Tor Stone Row and Cairn Circle.

PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Walk originally based on the discontinued Transmoor Bus Service. Probably now possible starting from Plymouth to Yelverton or starting from Tavistock.

Down Tor Stone Row and Cairn Circle

Start at Sharpitor car park. Cross the road and follow the path east towards the north western tip of Stanlake Plantation. Follow the tree line round to meet the Devonport Leat. Follow the leat for 0.5 km past the Aqueduct and then follow the River Meavy on towards Black Tor. A few metres up hill from the River Meavy are the Hart Tor stone rows. There are two cairns, one met by a single stone row the other by a double stone row. Head back to the Aqueduct. Climb steeply up hill to follow the Devonport Leat up the Aqueduct on to Raddick Hill. On the right hand side of Devonport Leat there are enclosures and cairns. Further along on the left hand side on the summit of Raddick Hill are a group of 4 cairns. Continue to follow the Devonport pass Crazy Well Pool and a nearby restored cross.

The Down Tor stone row and cairn circle is around 1 km due south. It is possible to get there by descending the valley of the Newleycombe Lake river and crossing to the other side. Although the route is almost due south it is easy to lose bearings over the steep and rough terrain. Despite being known as the Down Tor stone row it is in fact located closer to Combshead Tor and is easiest to find if starting from Combshead Tor or if approaching Combshead Tor with Down Tor directly behind you. For this reason it is better to veer west in the direction of Down Tor when crossing Newleycombe Lake river.

An alternative approach, a couple of kilometres longer, but having the advantage of being much easier terrain following paths marked on the OS map - is to stick to the Devonport Leat at Crazy Well Pool and follow it East and then round south to Siward's Cross (also known as Nun's Cross). From there head South on to Eylesbarrow rock. From here Combshead Tor is due west, and the stone row easy to find, or if there is time you could head on to Higher Hartor and visit the Drizzlecombe Ceremonial Complex.

From Down Tor stone row head back towards Burrator Reservoir keeping the peak of Down Tor on your right. The path from Deancombe down to Norsworthy Bridge should be easy to find. Follow this back to the car park by Burrator. At the car park at Norsworthy Bridge head north either via the path following the River Meavy or the path further to the West that connects with the Devonport Leat. Once out of the plantation head west back to the bus stop at Sharpitor car park.

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