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Dartmoor Site: Cator Pound

Cator Pound

This site is featured on the Postbridge: Soussons Circle, Cator Pound, Challacombe walk. These photos are taken on Cator Common and include a cairn, reaves and Cator Common Pound (Butler Vol. 1. Map 18, 3-5). The first photo is of a large cairn (SX67427800). The second and third are of a reave and golden plovers seen on the way to Cator Pound (SX67307765). The last photo is of a droveway very near to Cator Pound.

These photos were taken on the 18th April 2010.

Bibliography & references

Butler, J. Dartmoor Atlas of Antiquities: Vol. 1. - The East (Devon Books, 1991)

Cator Common Cairn
Cator Common Reave
Golden Plover on Cator Common
Cator Pound
Reave and Cator Pound
Cator Pound Droveway

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