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Dartmoor Site: Foxtor Mires W. Platform Cairn Circle and Cist

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Foxtor Mires W. Platform Cairn Circle and Cist

Foxtor Mires W. Platform Cairn Circle and Cist

Photo taken on 13-09-2014

OS Map: SX 60780 70484
OS Source: Google
NMR record: SX 67 SW 77
HER record: 12967
Megalithic Portal: 24008
PMD: Whiteworks
Alternate name: Foxtor Mires W.
Short Name: CT:FoxtorMireW
Butler map: 64.6
Turner: E19
DPD page: 97
Exist: Yes
Record: Unique
Record Source: Butler
Cist Class: Yes
Cairn Class: Yes
Dimensions (m): 5.0 x 0.5 C
Notes: Turner E19 (Fox Tor Newtake). Butler Foxtor Mires W. - Vol. 4. Map 64.6 (diagram p.222). Cairn with kerb circle, visible on N, E & W sides, with a central cist. "Seven large orthostats of the retaining circle remain in situ on the south and south-east side (see plan). The cist is entirely below ground level to a depth of 0.7m and measures 1.0m by 0.6m. The two endstones and two sidestones are visible; a stone which may be the coverstone lies on the ground to one side". Lethbridge diagram p.93, photos bottom p.97.
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