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Useful Books on Dartmoor

The listing that follows is from a database being compiled whilst researching this website. The emphasis is on books related to the subject of prehistoric archaeology on Dartmoor and as such many good books are not included. There are many old books that are available on line through the Internet Archive and where possible these have been included for the sake of making them easy to find.

Baring-Gould, S, Dartmoor Idylls, (1896)
Baring-Gould, S, A Book of the West, (1900)
Baring-Gould, S, A Book of Dartmoor, (2002)
Bennie, Michael, Walking Through Dartmoor's Past, (1998)
Bray, Anna Eliza, The Borders of the Tamar and the Tavy, vol.1, (1844)
Breton, Henry Hugh, Beautiful Dartmoor And Its Interesting Antiquities, (1990)
Breton, Henry Hugh, The Forest of Dartmoor, (1990)
Burl, Aubrey, The Stone Circles of the British Isles, (1976)
Burl, Aubrey, Prehistoric Stone Circles, (1979)
Burl, Aubrey, A guide to the stone circles of Britain, Ireland and Brittany, (1995)
Burnard, Robert, Dartmoor Pictorial Records, (1986)
Butler, Jeremy, Dartmoor Atlas of Antiquities, vol.1: The East, (1991)
Butler, Jeremy, Dartmoor Atlas of Antiquities, vol.2: The North, (1991)
Butler, Jeremy, Dartmoor Atlas of Antiquities, vol.4: The South-East, (1993)
Butler, Jeremy, Dartmoor Atlas of Antiquities, vol.3: The South-West, (1994)
Butler, Jeremy, Dartmoor Atlas of Antiquities, vol.5: The Second Millennium B.C., (1997)
Butler, Simon, Dartmoor Century - Photography on Dartmoor Across a Hundred Years, (2000)
Byng, Brian, Dartmoor's Mysterious Megaliths, (1970)
Carrington, Nicholas Toms, Dartmoor, a descriptive poem, with notes by W. Burt, (1826)
Chapman, Lesley, The Ancient Dwelling of Grimspound and Hound Tor: Two Deserted Settlements in th, (1996)
Chapple, William, Description and Exegesis of Drewsteignton Cromlech, (1779)
Chapple, William, A Review of Part of Risdon's Survey of Devon, (1785)
Chudligh, J, An Exploration of Dartmoor's Antiquities, (1892)
Chudligh, J, Devonshire Antiquities, (1893)
Clare, T, Archaeological Sites of Devon and Cornwall, (1982)
Cresswell, Beatrix, Datmoor with its surroundings, (1920)
Crossing, William, Amid Devonia's Alps, (1888)
Crossing, William, Report as to Damage to Ancient Monuments and Encroachments on Dartmoor, (1901)
Crossing, William, A Hundred Years on Dartmoor, (1902)
Crossing, William, The ancient stone crosses of Dartmoor and its borderland , (1902)
Crossing, William, Gems in a Granite Setting, (1905)
Crossing, William, Guide to Dartmoor Part 1, (1914)
Crossing, William, Guide to Dartmoor Part 2, (1914)
Crossing, William, Dartmoor's early historic and medieval remains, (1987)
Crossing, William, Stones of Dartmoor and their story, (1987)
Crossing, William, Guide to Dartmoor, (2001)
Dartmoor National Park Authority, A guide to the archaeology of Dartmoor, (1978)
Dixon, Sophie, A Journal Of Ten Days Excursion On The Western And Northern Borders Of Dartmoor, (1830)
Dysart, G, The Abbots' Way, (1935)
Earle, John, Dartmoor: walks into history, (2003)
Falcon, T.A., Dartmoor Illustrated, (1900)
Fleming, Andrew, Dartmoor Reaves: Investigating Prehistoric Land Divisions, (1988)
Fleming, Andrew, Dartmoor Reaves: Investigating Prehistoric Land Divisions (2nd edition), (2008)
Fox, Aileen, South-West England, 3500 BC-AD 600, (1973)
Gerrard, Sandy, English Heritage Book of Dartmoor: Landscapes Through Time, (1997)
Gill, Crispin, Dartmoor A New Study, (1977)
Greeves, T, The Archaeology of Dartmoor from the Air, (1985)
Hemery, Eric, High Dartmoor: Land and People, (1983)
Jones, J. P, Observations on the scenery and antiquities in the neighbourhood of Moretonhampstead, (1823)
King, R.J., The Forest of Dartmoor and its Borders, (1856)
Lethbridge, William D. , Discover Preshistoric Dartmoor, (2015)
Lysons, Magna Britannia: Volume 6 - Devonshire, (1822)
Moore, Stuart, A short history of the rights of common upon the forest of Dartmoor, (1890)
Newman, Phil, The Field Archaeology of Dartmoor, (2011)
Ormerod, George Wareing, Archaeological memoirs relating to the East of Dartmoor, (1876)
Page, John Lloyd Warden, An Exploration of Dartmoor and its Antiquities, with some account of its borders, (1889)
Pettit, Paul, Prehistoric Dartmoor, (1974)
Polwhele, Richard, Historical views of devonshire, vol.1, (1793)
Rainbird, Paul, A Guide to the Archaeology of South Devon, (2010)
Rendell, Paul, Exploring around Burrator: a Dartmoor reservoir, (2007)
Rowe, Samuel, A Perambulation of Dartmoor (1st Edition), (1848)
Rowe, Samuel, A Perambulation of Dartmoor (3rd Edition), (1896)
Sale, Richard, Dartmoor: the Official National Park Guide, (2000)
Starkey, F. H., Exploring Dartmoor again: exploration made easy, (1998)
Stringer, Chris, Homo Britannicus: the incredible story of human life in Britain, (2006)
Swete, John, Travels in Georgian Devon, vol.1, (1997)
Tavy, Peter, Walk Dartmoor - A Bartholomew Map & Guide, (1984)
Thurlow, George, Thurlow's Dartmoor Companion, (1993)
Todd, Malcolm, The South West to AD 1000, (1987)
Viccars, Sue, Dartmoor: great short walks for all the family, (2009)
Walker, Jack, Dartmoor Sun, (2005)
Westcote, Thomas, A view of Devonshire in 1830, (1845)
White, Paul, Ancient Dartmoor - An Introduction, (2000)
Woods, Stephen H., Dartmoor Stone, (1988)
Worth, R.H., Worth's Dartmoor, (1971)
Worth, R.N., A History of Devonshire, (1895)

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