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Dartmoor Site: Glasscombe Corner Stone Row

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Glasscombe Corner Stone Row

Glasscombe Corner Stone Row

Photo taken on 18-04-2011

Prehistoric Dartmoor Walks: Dartmoor Walk: The Erme East stone rows
OS Map: SX 65997 60748
OS Source: SRGB
NMR record: SX 66 SE 49
HER record: 5661
Megalithic Portal: 3254
The Stone Rows of GB: Glasscombe Corner
PMD: Glasscombe Corner Stone Row
Alternate name: Glasscombe Corner
Short Name: SR:Glasscombe
Butler map: 56.12
Butler Vol 5: p.229 & Fig.162
DPD page: 81
Exist: Yes
Record: Unique
Record Source: PDW
Cairn Class: No
Dimensions (m): 173
Lidar: SX66006075
Notes: "A stone row partly double and partly single ending on the remains of a cairn circle. The length of the double row is 111.0m. and of the single row 61.0m, the total length to the centre of the cairn circle being 177.0m". Lethbridge Avon Valley stone row pp.81-82, diagram p.81.
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