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Guidance for walkers: The monuments featured in this database are archaeological treasures and need to be protected and preserved - please do not disturb any sites. Please check access and firing times before visiting sites, not all sites listed are on open access land. Firing ranges and boundaries of open access areas are marked on the OL28 OS Dartmoor Explorer map. Please stick to the country code and consider giving support to the numerous agencies that help to keep Dartmoor a fabulous natural and historic environment!

About the database: In all listings clicking on the photo will open a page for the site with a larger photo. The listings are drawn mainly from scientific journals and will not include the most recently discovered minor sites. There is comprehensive coverage of stone circles, stone rows and menhirs. Listings for cists and cairn circles should cover most of the better known sites. There are only partial entries for round cairns, settlements, pounds and none for reaves. For listings of specific types of monument click on Resources in the menu above. Corrections, or any feedback or suggestions are very welcome, email:

NOTE: Clicking on the icons for each monument in the map will give the name of the monument. Where icons overlap they are replaced with an icon with a number - zooming in may separate them out.

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Black Tor (Avon) Stone Row

Black Tor (Avon) Stone Row

OS Map: SX 67730 63494
NMR record: SX 66 SE 73
HER record: 5778
Megalithic Portal: 1772
The Stone Rows of GB: Black Tor Avon Stone Row
PMD: Black Tor Avon Stone Row
ShortName: SR:Black Tor
DPD page: 85
Notes: "A stone row running north west - south east seen on the plateau west of Black Tor". The stones are very hidden and difficult to see. The row is headed at the NW end by two small cairns. Lethbridge suggests remains of cist in one of them, diagram p.85. See also HER 5752, SX 66 SE 89 and SX 66 SE 33
Nearby sites: SX67736349
Distance: 0.06km

Brent Moor House Cist

OS Map: SX 68020 64030
NMR record: SX 66 SE 3
HER record: 5744
Megalithic Portal: 45754
PMD: Brent Moor House
ShortName: CT:Brent Moor
Grinsell: BRE 3
Barrow Report: 65
Notes: Dixon #91. Bar Rep. 65. Butler Vol. 4. Map 57.9 (not actually covered in Butler but relevant map). Grinsell SOUTH BRENT 3. "A cist lies on the right bank of the Avon, a short distance above Brent Moor House, about 175 feet below the small stream which flows south of Riders Rings ... The cist, which consists of two end stones and one side stone, stands in a small cairn." Doubtful.

(grinsell) "supposed cairn of large stones, enclosing possible cist placed se-nw. The whole area is covered with clitter, and it is possible that the site may be natural. In summer it is under dense bracken. No measurements given."
Nearby sites: SX68026403
Distance: 0.64km

Gripper's Hill Enclosed Settlement

Gripper's Hill Enclosed Settlement

OS Map: SX 68154 64863
NMR record: SX 66 SE 1
HER record: 5742
Megalithic Portal: 45320
ShortName: ES:Grippers
Notes: "A Bronze Age pastoral settlement on Gripper's Hill, Dean Prior, was excavated in July 1954 by Lady Aileen Fox on behalf of the Ministry of Works. The site comprises four enclosures containing ten or more huts."
Nearby sites: SX68156486
Distance: 1.47km

Hickley Ridge Central Cist

Hickley Ridge Central Cist

OS Map: SX 67224 62250
NMR: No record found
HER record: 61772
Megalithic Portal: 45810
PMD: Hickley Ridge Central
Alternate name: Hickley Ridge 2 Cist
ShortName: CT:HickleyCe
Butler map: 56.14.3
Butler Vol 5: p.175 & Fig.117
DPD page: 84
Notes: Butler Hickley Ridge Cairn and Cist 2. 56.14.3 diagram Vol 5 p.175. "Two slabs, possibly of a cist, embedded in low mound south of the leat on Hickley Ridge." Lethbridge diagram p.84, photo bottom left.
Nearby sites: SX67226225
Distance: 1.31km

Hickley Ridge E Cist

Hickley Ridge E Cist

OS Map: SX 67402 62381
NMR: No record found
HER record: 61773
Megalithic Portal: 45811
PMD: Hickley Ridge E.
Alternate name: Hickley Ridge 1 Cist
ShortName: CT:HickleyE
Butler map: 56.14.2
Butler Vol 5: p.175 & Fig.116
DPD page: 84
Notes: Butler Hickley Ridge Cist 1. 56.14.3 diagram Vol 5 p.175. "One side and one end slab of cist on Hickley Ridge, with other fallen stones in the mound. One of three badly damaged cists aligned south-west to north-east across Hickley Ridge, recognised by Butler in 1995." Lethbridge diagram and photo on right of p.84.
Nearby sites: SX67406238
Distance: 1.12km

Hickley Ridge W Cist

OS Map: SX 66590 62030
NMR record: SX 66 SE 182
HER record: 13283
Megalithic Portal: 45809
PMD: Hickley Ridge W.
Alternate name: Hickley Ridge 3 Cist
ShortName: CT:HickleyW
Butler map: 56.14.4
Butler Vol 5: p.176 & Fig.118
DPD page: 84
Notes: Butler Hickley Ridge 3 56.14.4 diagram Vol 5 p.176. "Cairn and cist on the East side of Brent Fore Hill. The cairn is 6.0m in diameter, merging into the slope of the hill and being about 0.5m high on the downslope side, which has a retaining kerb. There is a central cist of which two parallel slabs remain set on edge at the NW and SE sides. An upright stone 0.9m high is offset from the cist on the NW side." Lethbridge p.84 diagram and photo top left.
Nearby sites: SX66596203
Distance: 1.84km

Knatta Barrow Stone Ring Cairn Circle

OS Map: SX 65970 64212
NMR record: SX 66 SE 10
HER record: 5717
Megalithic Portal: 45842
ShortName: RC:Knatta Bar.
Butler map: 57.29
Butler Vol 5: p.160 & Fig.102
Grinsell: BRE 2
Turner: A54
Notes: Turner A54. "This large cairn (24m diameter, 1.7m height) composed of loose granite boulders. It is unusual among summit cairns in having a well defined outer bank about 1m wide and 0.5m high. This is partly turf covered but where eroded can be seen to be built of loose stone like the central cairn which touches it. It shows best on the north and east sides, while on the south west side it tends to merge into the body of the cairn. "
Nearby sites: SX65976421
Distance: 1.96km

Riders Rings Enclosed Settlement

Riders Rings Enclosed Settlement

OS Map: SX 67870 64360
NMR record: SX 66 SE 2
HER record: 5767
Megalithic Portal: 45321
ShortName: ES:RidersRings
DPD page: 85
Notes: "The largest and most important pound in the Avon Valley. Situated on the eastern slope of Zeal Plains. It is best regarded as being two contiguous pounds, of which it would appear that the south west member was constructed first, while the north east member was added as a later extension. The two pounds together cover an area of over six acres and enclose some three dozen hut-circles". Lethbridge p.85
Nearby sites: SX67876436
Distance: 0.93km

Treeland Brake Stone Row

OS Map: SX 67410 61580
NMR record: SX 66 SE 120
HER record: 5827
Megalithic Portal: 6333473
The Stone Rows of GB: Treeland Brake
PMD: Treeland Brake Stone Row
ShortName: SR:Treeland Bk
Notes: Notes from the NMR record: "Treeland Brake Stone Row. The only record of the row is a photograph taken by Mr HG Hurrell in the late 1950s. Mr Hurrell remembers about five erect stones and about five fallen, aligned north-east to south-west. The row has been destroyed by agricultural activity by 1977. (Photograph is in the possession of S & M Register)." Also: "A colour print taken by Mr Hurrell from approximately SX 67206130 shows the stones aligned to a field corner at SX 67296147. Approximate centre of row, SX 67276141; the area is now under pasture."
Nearby sites: SX67416158
Distance: 1.89km

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