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Guidance for walkers: The monuments featured in this database are archaeological treasures and need to be protected and preserved - please do not disturb any sites. Please check access and firing times before visiting sites, not all sites listed are on open access land. Firing ranges and boundaries of open access areas are marked on the OL28 OS Dartmoor Explorer map. Please stick to the country code and consider giving support to the numerous agencies that help to keep Dartmoor a fabulous natural and historic environment!

About the database: In all listings clicking on the photo will open a page for the site with a larger photo. The listings are drawn mainly from scientific journals and will not include the most recently discovered minor sites. There is comprehensive coverage of stone circles, stone rows and menhirs. Listings for cists and cairn circles should cover most of the better known sites. There are only partial entries for round cairns, settlements, pounds and none for reaves. For listings of specific types of monument click on Resources in the menu above. Corrections, or any feedback or suggestions are very welcome, email:

NOTE: Clicking on the icons for each monument in the map will give the name of the monument. Where icons overlap they are replaced with an icon with a number - zooming in may separate them out.

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Black Down W. Platform Cairn Circle and Cist

OS Map: SX 57398 91540
NMR record: SX 59 SE 81
HER record: 61332
Megalithic Portal: 45801
PMD: Black Down
ShortName: CT:BlackDown W
Butler map: 42.6
Butler Vol 5: p.58 & Fig.35
Notes: nb. Not listed by Turner - assigned as "Platform Circle" type cairn due to description in NMR. "A flat-topped cairn". Butler Black Down W. Vol. 2. Map 42.6 (diagram Vol 5. p.58). "cairn containing a cist situated on Black Down 1.6 kilometres east of Higher Bowden. The cairn is 6 metres in diameter and 0.7 metres in height. The cist is 0.9 metres long with 2 end stones in the original position. Remains of a kerb are visible around the north west edge of the mound". This author unable to find at SX 57409153 on 28/08/16. Butler lists as SX 5738 9153. The NMR gives yet another location SX 57469153
Nearby sites: SX57409154
Distance: 1.54km

Branscombe's Loaf Stone Ring Cairn Circle

OS Map: SX 55305 89126
NMR: No record found
HER record: 48863
Megalithic Portal: 45843
ShortName: RC:Branscombe
Turner: A57
Notes: Turner A57. One of 4 cairns on Corn Ridge - see Turner "Ring Cairns, Stone Circles and Related Monuments on Dartmoor" DASP No. 48 p59 for diagram of the 4 cairns.
Nearby sites: SX55318913
Distance: 1.73km

Corn Ridge Stone Ring Cairn Circle

OS Map: SX 55138 89153
NMR record: SX 58 NE 16
HER record: 3172
Megalithic Portal: 3158
Alternate name: Branscombe's Loaf 2 Stone Ring Cairn Circle
ShortName: RC:Corn Ridge1
Butler map: 43.12.2
Grinsell: BRI 10
Turner: A14
Notes: Turner A14. One of 4 cairns on Corn Ridge - see Turner "Ring Cairns, Stone Circles and Related Monuments on Dartmoor" DASP No. 48 p59 for diagram of the 4 cairns.
Nearby sites: SX55148915
Distance: 1.8km

Corn Ridge Encircled Cairn

OS Map: SX 55175 89119
NMR record: SX 58 NE 1
HER record: 3171
Megalithic Portal: 3158
Alternate name: Branscombe's Loaf 1 Encircled Cairn
ShortName: EC:Corn Ridge3
Butler map: 43.12.1
Grinsell: BRI 9
Turner: F2
Notes: Turner F2. One of 4 cairns on Corn Ridge - see Turner "Ring Cairns, Stone Circles and Related Monuments on Dartmoor" DASP No. 48 p59 for diagram of the 4 cairns.
Nearby sites: SX55188912
Distance: 1.81km

Corn Ridge Rock Stone Ring Cairn Circle

OS Map: SX 55219 89145
NMR record:
HER record: 48864
Megalithic Portal: 45850
Alternate name: Branscombe's Loaf 3 Stone Ring Cairn Circle
ShortName: RC:Corn Ridge2
Butler map: 43.12.3
Turner: A66
Notes: Turner A66. One of 4 cairns on Corn Ridge - see Turner "Ring Cairns, Stone Circles and Related Monuments on Dartmoor" DASP No. 48 p59 for diagram of the 4 cairns.
Nearby sites: SX55228915
Distance: 1.76km

Homerton Hill N. Cist

OS Map: SX 56135 90652
NMR record: SX 59 SE 53
HER record: 12884
Megalithic Portal: 45808
PMD: Homerton Hill
ShortName: CT:Homerton N
Butler map: 43.15
Butler Vol 5: p.177 & Fig.119
DPD page: 157
Notes: Butler Homerton Hill N. Vol. 2. Map 43.15 (diagram Vol. 5. p.177). "A small, disturbed cairn containing three edge set stones of a cist ... The turf covered cairn measures 3.5 x 3.1m and 0.3m max. height. The top and north side of the mound has been disturbed exposing the three in situ cist stones. The cist measures 0.8 x 0.6m and 0.3mdeep. It is now open to the north. A large stone lying flush with the ground lies immediately north east of the cairn and probably represents the missing endstone or the coverstone". Lethbridge diagram p.156 and photos p157.
Nearby sites: SX56149065
Distance: 0km

Longstone Hill Standing Stone

Longstone Hill Standing Stone

OS Map: SX 56724 90890
NMR record:
HER record: 5571
Megalithic Portal: 36422
PMD: Longstone Hill Standing Stone
ShortName: SS:Longstone
Butler map: 42.
Butler Vol 5: p.220
DPD page: 156
Notes: Possible recumbent longstone on summit of Longstone Hill, east of Meldon Reservoir. Suggested as possible menhir by Butler and Newman.
Nearby sites: SX56729089
Distance: 0.63km

Sourton Tors Stone Circle

Sourton Tors Stone Circle

OS Map: SX 54683 89587
NMR record: SX 58 NW 21
HER record: 4626
Megalithic Portal: 3472
PMD: Sourton (Corn Ridge) Stone Circle
ShortName: SC:SourtonTors
Turner: G3
Notes: "A stone circle, diameter about 110 ft and appearing to have comprised 32 stones of which all but six remain where they have fallen, has been discovered between Sourton Tors and Cornridge. In size it compares with the circles of the Grey Wethers and Scorhill". For a photo of this site, see: Megalithic Portal: Sourton Tors Stone Circle
Nearby sites: SX54688959
Distance: 1.8km

Sourton Tors S.E. Cairn

OS Map: SX 54603 89438
NMR record: SX 58 NW 9
HER record: 4627
Megalithic Portal: 10022
Alternate name: Corn Ridge N.W.1 Cairn
ShortName: CN:SourtonTors
Butler map: 43.10.1
Grinsell: BRI 1
Notes: "The remains of a cairn, SX 54608942, which has been disturbed in the past - now heather covered. Diameter 10.5m, height 0.5m. One or two stones of the retaining circle are still visible but there is no trace of a cist to be seen."
Nearby sites: SX54608944
Distance: 1.96km

Yes Tor E Cairn

OS Map: SX 58044 90185
NMR record: SX 59 SE 6
HER record: 4814
Megalithic Portal: 36416
Alternate name: Yes Tor 2 Cairn
ShortName: CN:Yes Tor E
Butler map: 42.1.2
Grinsell: OKE 2
Notes: One of two cairns on Yes Tor. On the top of the flat outcrop of Yes Tor and piled against the west side is an amorphous mass of stones representing a ruined cairn. The patch of stones on the top is more or less 14.0m across and 0.3 m high and the piling against the outcrop is 2.3m high. It is possible that this has resulted from bulldozing the cairn over the side of the outcrop but the stones appear quite stable and compacted.

The central excavation is approximately 12.0m across and extends to 0.5m below the natural ground level. In the base of the hollow and on its south side are three partly buried slabs each about 1.7m long, 0.2m thick and more than 0.5m wide, which look like the displaced remains of a former cist.
Nearby sites: SX58049019
Distance: 1.95km

Yes Tor W Cairn

OS Map: SX 57955 90210
NMR record: SX 59 SE 6
HER record: 4813
Megalithic Portal: 36416
Alternate name: Yes Tor 1 Cairn
ShortName: CN:Yes Tor W
Butler map: 42.1.1
Grinsell: OKE 1
Notes: Grinsell OKEHAMPTON HAMLETS 1. Butler Volume 2 Map 42.1. Western of two round barrows on the summit of yes tor. About 36.6m nw of flag staff on the top of yes tor is an incomplete ring of rough granite boulders varying in size but generally 0.3m - 0.9m. Long. The ring is about 6.1m long and is defective on the north east side where there is evidence of a slightly sunken trackway. In the interior of this ring the ground is slightly irregular and contains blocks of granite. At the south western part of the circle a smaller circle of stones abuts on the previous circle.
Nearby sites: SX57969021
Distance: 1.87km

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